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What are the Benefits of South Africa Critical Skills Work Visa ?

As per the  World Bank, SA is an upper middle economy and it  also is considered to be a newly industrialized nation.

For all potential applicants, the South Africa Skill Work Visa or permit this category of work visa is great news.

In 2014, June, the new immigration regulation for South Africa Skilled Work Visa and Permit has seen approaches that are refreshing by the Dept of home affairs inorder to attract much-needed skills to SA and improve visa and permit application process.

Few highlights of South Africa Critical Skills Work Visa Category includeSA-Critical-Skill-Work-Visa

  • It does allow the individual to get work visa without job offer
  • It allows the individual to enter as well as stay in SA for period of 12 months to secure a position
  • It is based on well-researched list of occupation that is badly required in South Africa; it does help in increasing the chances to find a job
  • There are no restrictions in terms of number in occupation that are listed
  • Quicker turnaround times as no dept for labour recommendation
  • Specific to the occupation, deals with the professional bodies
  • Can offer pathway for permanent residence immediately and also immediate five-year working visa
  • Qualification for critical skills visa if you completed a post graduate in South Africa
  • Less obligation on employers

For five years, temporary  South Africa Critical Skills Work Visa is issued. After five years, the individuals can then apply for permanent residence.

If the individual has five years experience in an occupation, then there is every chance that they can immediately apply for permanent residence as well.

Criteria for South Africa Critical Skills Visa

The individuals must feature on critical skills list, it Is based on educational subject and then broken down into occupation within these educational areas.

Are you interested to migrate to SA, then contact your visa who are in SA  or if you do not friends do not worry contact the best immigration consultants nearing to your area? They would assist you as well as a guide in your visa processing.

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