How to apply for South Africa Medical Treatment Visa ?

All individual is considering to move to South Africa in order to receive the medical treatment, then they require to apply for the South Africa medical treatment visa.

South Africa offers  health care facilities which are modern, it treats practically almost all diseases and injuries.

The individuals are required to submit the above documents who Visit South Africa for Medical Treatment ,along with other essential documentsSouth Africa-Medical-Treatment-Visa

  • Details of the individuals who would accompany the patient and also present a proof that the individuals would be able to support self financially for period of stay in SA.
  • Letters from medical practitioner do explain what treatment the patient would recieve in South Africa and how long it would take and why they need it.
  • Passport must not expire within 30 days of end of their Stay in SA.

Immigration to South Africa

Those individuals who need Medical Treatment in South Africa for above three months they should apply without delay for residence permit temporary.

Emergency patients who have been transported using the emergency vehicles or flights would be allowed to enter eventhough they may not have a visa. The immigration officers would try to  facilitate their entry by opting  not to apply for the clearance procedures.

The individual who in charge  of  emergency vehicle or flight (vehicle driver or pilot) should report  the entry of the vehicle or flight and also patients’ presence as early as possible to office of the Dept of home affairs.

The immigration officer would visit patient and if essential then it would issued the medical permit essential. If patient does not have the passport which is valid then he or she would be issued with permit inorder to legalise or her stay for the duration of his or her hospitalization.

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