South Africa – New scope for migration

South Africa is emerging as a new immigration destination, which planned systematic migration to its mainland. Immigration is essential to manage the qualified workforce in its various industries. The diverse nature of South Africa welcomes all those individuals, who are qualified enough and ready to integrate into its society. Geographically South Africa has rich mineral […]

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What are the Benefits of South Africa Critical Skills Work Visa ?


As per the  World Bank, SA is an upper middle economy and it  also is considered to be a newly industrialized nation. For all potential applicants, the South Africa Skill Work Visa or permit this category of work visa is great news. In 2014, June, the new immigration regulation for South Africa Skilled Work Visa […]

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How to Apply for Critical Skills Work Visa for South Africa

Although known as a newly industrialized country, the nation of South Africa is still a developing country which has a lot of scope for growth and development. Its growing economy is one of the reasons why many overseas workers are hired in South Africa. An individual, who is not a citizen of South Africa but […]

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