South Africa is welcoming more student, work and business immigrants

The economic situation of the world is stumbling, due to reducing in demand, unpredictable major economies volatility, political situation are downstream. Amid these ironic conditions, South Africa is embracing Immigrants with more opportunities to study, work and settle in SA. At the time amendments took place regarding South Africa immigration policies in 2014 are benefiting […]

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South Africa Student Immigration for Skilled Professionals


South African has also noticed the importance of international students and the growing economy requirements. The growing economy requires skills and the international students who come here to study are given opportunity by allowing them to do so. South Africa, the second largest economy in the South Africa, is located to the southern region of […]

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South Africa Student Visa Offers Student Right to Live and Study


In South Africa, the living expenses are comparatively lower when compared to other nations such as UK and USA.  We also find South Africa Student Visa is gaining popularity as the South African universities are becoming more popular among the foreign born students. To study in South African Universities Apply for South African Study Visa […]

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How to Travel to South Africa on South Africa Student Visa

Willing to Study in South Africa?  If you are not a citizen of South Africa, then you need to obtain a South Africa Student Visa prior to the arrival to the country. Basically South Africa Student Visa is approved for the overseas nationals who desires to Study in South Africa.  However, applicants need to know […]

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