What does South Africa critical Skilled Visa offer you?

South Africa Critical skilled visaSouth Africa is the land of dominant opportunities where you can recumbently stay for an extended period with the desired job role in hand. Cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban, have yielded successful chapters in South African capital markets and businesses. There are around 7000 Indian millionaires who have acclaimed success in businesses and investment to the countries economic development.

What does South Africa critical Skilled Visa offer you?

South Africa has predominantly cosmopolitan cities and urban essence added to its lifestyle. The city is affordable to an extent where an individual can lead a well-maintained life.

The Critical Skill Visa though comes with following provisions:

  1. Visa can be granted to any skilled immigrant for 12 months who has valid proofs on work experience, educational background and meet firms requirement.
  2. A list of occupation is provided to an applicant who can choose his desired job profile and increase his/her chances of getting a suitable profile.
  3. The Visa can be extended for five years if the immigrant exhibit desirable skills and expertise for the employer
  4. South Africa Critical Skilled Visa also demands a proof of financial stability, medical proofs and morally ethical background of the candidate.

Critical Skill Visa can be a pathway for your Permanent Residency to South Africa, and it will enable you to grow and get classified opportunities along with visiting multiple places in this vivacious country.

South Africa has predominantly been a competitive which has developed through several ways, be it tourism, technology, business investment and it’s flora and fauna. The critical Skilled Visa offers skilled immigrants who can make a great fortune in different sectors like

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