South Africa Critical Skilled visa

The South African government has identified few sectors in the South African work force that needs highly skilled workers from different categories. People, who possess South Africa Critical Skill Visaexperience in these critical skills, can apply for South Africa Critical Skilled Visa. The government has made up its mind about these skills and hence they are listed under critical skilled visa, as the person having these skills should be given visa. These occupations are generally responsible for the collective growth of all the economic sectors of South Africa.

Critical Skilled Visa

South Africa Critical Skilled Visa targets international talent and people with good experience to specific areas requiring expansion on South African shores. South Africa, a country blessed with so many natural resources and minerals need people to work on the country side. The Work Visa for Critical Skills originates from the amalgamation of the earlier versions of Work visas of Exceptional Skills and Quota. This visa is given to an applicant if his/her skills match with those of the critical skills list. This list was urbanized by matching all the possible skills in combination with the jobs which are always in high requirement by South African market. The chief purpose of the visa for critical skills work is to help out the government to become conscious of the accomplishment of the NIP (National Infrastructure Project) and other important projects.


In order to complete the online form, one must ensure that they have every document ready with them.  A passport, which is applicable for at least 30 days of before the expiry date of the planned visit has to be submitted along with the form. The medical report, which certifies the physical fitness of the applicant, should be submitted along with the application. The applicant also attach marriage certificate in case, if they have married any citizen of South African nationality.

Characteristics of South Africa Critical Skilled Visa

South Africa Critical Skilled Visa is counted under the provisional citizenship visa stream which allows anyone to stay in South Africa only for five years. These visas are granted on the basis of capabilities of the applicant who are able to prove that they hold the experience and training needed in that specific field of occupation. Also, the jobs which are as listed on the Critical Skills List of more than 200 occupations, only these jobs give advantage for critical skilled visa.  Anyone holding South Africa Critical Skilled Visa can also apply for permanent residency in South Africa.

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