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South Africa to attract more Indian Travelers

  The Natural Beauty of South AfricaSouth Africa tourism industry has massive plans to attract the Indian travelers, soon it will run aggressive campaign as annually it is receiving 80 000 Indian travelers. The Tourism ministry of South Africa has planned to allocate budget of $8 million for promoting the tourist destinations of the African country. The main objective is to increase the number of travelers from India and to maintain big pool of travelers moving from India to South Africa. The African countries have common tourism fair INDABA that displays and promotes the tourism of the South African countries. The Safari experience in South Africa is stunning and gives a different angle to the wild life in the African country. Though South Africa doesn’t have beautiful creation, Safari in the mainland is considered as the big selling point. Huge Buffaloes, Leopards, Elephants, Lions and Rhinos could be seen in the Safari and the rare species which is not visible in the Indian sub-continent.  The Ebola epidemic contained the tourist inflow into the countries. The several policy initiatives would be introduced to encourage Indian travelers to South Africa. Quick visa processing methods would be introduced for Indians. Presently it takes three weeks to get the travel visa; the easing of policies would fetch more number of travelers to South Africa. The numbers may double with the easing of visa policies.

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