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South Africa – New Destination for Skilled Workers
Posted on: 27 Jul 2012  |   Tags: Migrate to South Africa , South Africa Immigration ,

South Africa is one of the best places with most tourist attractions. South Africa is now known for its budding infrastructure. South Africa is now inviting many skilled workers to their country by offering South Africa Work Permit visa. This visa structure is very much on line with UK work permit visa. There are two categories in South Africa Work Permit, Temporary Residence Permits and Permanent Residence Permits.

Permanent Residence Permits allows skilled workers to live and work in South Africa on a permanent basis. Temporary Residence Permit allows an individual to stay in the country for a specific period of time. Work permits are given to the individuals for a period of one year. Later Individuals can extend the visa, which can be done when the employer gives a letter to the immigration authorities.

 The basic eligibility criterion for getting a work permit visa is obtaining a offer letter from a firm or organization in South Africa. Employers can hire foreign workers only if they, don’t have skilled man power to support their purpose. Employers have to prove to immigration authorities, that even after advertising for required skilled labor, they failed to find a suitable candidate from their nation, and as an alternative to it, they are hiring labor from an alien country.

Visa can be denied by South African immigration authorities if the applicant fails to satisfy obligations, and also if the applicant having a criminal background.

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