How can we apply for South Africa Job Seeker Work Visa?

Southafrica Job Seeker visaSouth Africa is an important place for immigration, for those who want to work abroad and get settled in their dream destiny. South Africa is top ranked in terms of GDP per capita. Nowadays, a large number of individuals who have migrated to South Africa are permanent residents and are well- settled in their jobs and are working with a golden experience in South Africa. Well-qualified individuals and experts are always welcome to Work in South Africa. So those applicants who want to Migrate to South Africa and search for a job, start applying for a South Africa Job Seeker Visa.

 What is a South Africa Job Seeker Visa?

South Africa Job Seeker Visa is a residence permit which is temporarily issued for over 90 days and the Job seeker Visa will permit the applicant to search for an employment in South Africa. After his employment is confirmed to Department of Home Affairs of South Africa, the applicant will be issued with the Work Permit from the South African Quota initially for five years and has the chance of extending the work permit till the applicant works in South Africa.

Necessary Requirements for South Africa Job Seeker Visa

  • Candidate should have a minimum experience of five years in his respective field of occupation.
  • Candidate should have a minimum qualification of Bachelors Degree which would be examined by the South African Qualifications Assessment (SAQA).
  • Candidate should satisfy the character and health requirements.
  • Candidate should have sufficient amount of funds to stay in South Africa.

Benefits of South Africa Job Seeker Visa

  • Applicant along with his family can stay in South Africa.
  • The quota work permit will be valid till the applicant is located and employed in South Africa.
  • After five years of stay, the job seeker visa leads the applicant to become the permanent resident of South Africa.

South Africa immigration provides a rich diversity to those candidates who enter the country successfully. South Africa nation is a real melting pot of customs and cultures. South Africa has a warm weather and temperate climate and so South Africa is the best suitable country for the business immigrants.

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