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South Africa- Cape of Good Hope for India

South Africa has a history which can elaborate itself for ages together. The country at the tip of the African continent attracts almost every country around the world. The trading history walks all the way from 16th century till today.

Tourist-Attractions-in-SASouth Africa’s Cape of Good Hope being the major contributor of trading once upon a time is now a center for everything. Indian relationship with South Africa has improved and increased because of its tourist connections with the Indian sub-continent. The amount Indians residing in South Africa is an immense example of showing how South Africa is carrying about its agreement with each Indian community.

The relationship started long before it is recorded. It is said that it started with Mahatma Gandhi’s presence in SA. But it was exists since mid of the first century. It became even stronger after the medieval times when trade routes became more prominent. African heritage in India is dated back to 8th century. The roads to a better relationship grew stronger around the modern age while Mahatma Gandhi stayed in South Africa.

South Africa is a place where modern society dwells with a scar of past. The heritage and culture of South Africa is a magnet to Indian communities for a long time. The Indian trade, political and social relationship is a sight to be seen. The mixture of the Afro- Indian heritage is the main attraction for tourism.

The Wild Safari of South Africa is one of the most important attractions to be seen apart from the cultural attraction.

Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was kept as a prisoner for 27 years is the main attraction to anyone who comes in the abode of memories.

Boulders beach, do you want to see penguins walking in broad daylight on a beach? Come and stop on this one where groups of penguins are walking, fishing and swimming around the boulders beach.

The Indian Diaspora exists in this country along with these famous attractions. So visit www.opulentuz.com today and grab your plan to visit South Africa.

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