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South Africa critical work visa South Africa the emerging economy in the landscape of industrialized countries is expanding and improvising skills as part of reforms. South Africa in the global scenario understood the contribution of skilled immigrants and liberalized immigration policies to allow more immigrants to work in various industries. Immigration and foreign policies in South Africa are planned based on National Development Plan.

South Africa has certain target to achieve goals through liberal immigration policies and contribution from the global highly skilled professionals. South Africa critical work visa grants visa for a period of three months. In this three months visa period applicants can find suitable job and apply for further stay of five years in South Africa.

Applicants can work in following industries:

  • IT & Communications
  • Engineering
  • BPO
  • Academia
  • Trades Agriculture
  • Life & Earth Science
  • Business
  • Architecture
  • Health & Clinical Science

Prospective applicants can find jobs easily in the above mentioned industries. This visa facilitates to come to South Africa without any job offer.

Work Permit in South Africa:

  • 16 year valid education from authorized institutions.
  • Visa is initially granted for three months extended based on valid search evidence.
  • After obtaining job applicants can apply for work permit visa for five years.
  • After five years applicants will be eligible for the permanent residency and later stage citizenship will be awarded.

 Visa processing time for critical visas is two months and applicants can take help of immigration agents for proper documentation and successful visa processing.

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