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Sedans from South Africa!!!

Yes, sedans are being produced in South Africa! The BMW plant outside Pretoria is producing 90,000 units for export. The Rosslyn plant outside Pretoria is manufacturing new 3 Series Sedans following an upgrade worth R2.2 billion. Opulentus SAThat is not all. Another automaker, Ford, has followed. Ford has identified South Africa as the place for the production of ford Ranger. Ford has not only increased production at its Silverton assembly plant but has also created 800 new jobs. BMW has added 600 jobs in its Rosslyn plant. Mercedes-Benz, too, identified its plant location in South Africa to manufacture its C-class range and is training 800 technicians ahead of the start date of 2014. With the auto giants preferring South Africa to sell their cars, it's time for Pretoria to create jobs within the country. The authorities are mulling whether the agriculture sector is the best addition to manufacturing for overall development of the country. Jobs are available in sectors like automobile, engineering, services and other sectors that require skilled professionals. Migrate to SA with a work permit. Call now on 1800 103 1555 or mail to visa@opulentuz.com

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