South Africa Critical Skills Work Visa

Interested to work in South Africa, but want to check whether your qualifications are in demand in the country? If yes, then here you can find the information about the most in-demand occupations in South Africa.

Why immigrate to South Africa?

South Africa is a good destination where foreign nationals can get many opportunities at various occupation levels. The country is a promising land and guarantees better career prospects for international workers who have plans to work in South Africa. In order to help you out to know the professions that are facing huge skill shortages in the country, the government has come up with South Africa Critical Skill list. It comprises of skills and qualifications that are a shortfall in South Africa. Foreign workers who possess the required skills and qualifications can apply for South Africa Critical Skills Work Visa.

South Africa Critical Skills Work Visa

South Africa Critical Skills Work Visa is designed to entice foreign talent and experience to specific areas that are facing a lack of skilled professionals in the country. With progressive laws, South Africa is attracting most overseas workers to its shores.

What are the benefits?    

Temporary residency visa that permits overseas nationals to reside and work in the country for a period of five years

•    No job offer is required

•    Visa is issued for three months and extension is possible

•    No need of recommendation letter from the Department of Labour

•    Candidates are required to find a job within the period

•    Visa can be extended to five years for a Critical Skills Work Permit.


•    Agriculture, Agricultural Operations and related sciences

•    Architecture

•    Business, Economics and Management Studies

•    IT

•    Engineering

•    Health Care Professionals

•    Professionals and Associate Professionals

•    Trades

What are the requirements?

•    Applicants must prove their knowledge and skills

•    Occupation must be registered with a professional body and recognized by SAQA

•    Qualifications must be evaluated by SAQA

So, if your occupation is listed, then you can apply for the South Africa Critical Skills Work Visa.

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