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Obtain South Africa Student Visa to study in South Africa

South African Student Visa RequirementsAre you interested to study abroad? Then, opting South Africa might definitely fulfill your overseas education dreams. South Africa offers high quality education with top universities and educational institutions. Overseas nationals aspiring to study in South Africa must obtain a South Africa Student Visa prior to their arrival to the country.

Education in South Africa:

Education in South Africa is managed by two national departments, i.e. the department of Basic Education (DBE), which is responsible to handle primary and secondary schools, and the department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), which is responsible to handle tertiary education and vocational training. The educational courses and standards are really amazing in South Africa. Individuals who would like to study in South Africa must apply For South Africa Student Visa.

South Africa Student Visa:

South African Study Permit is issued for overseas students, who intend to study in South Africa over the period of three months in any of the institutes that comes under primary, secondary or tertiary universities or educational institutions. South African Student Visa is a short term visa and individuals holding South African Student Visas are not allowed to take up any employment offer either full-time or part-time.

South African Student Visa Requirements:

Individuals must fulfill the following South African Student Visa Requirements in order to obtain South Africa Student Visa.

  • A letter from respective educational institution or university, which acts as a Confirmation of Acceptance
  • Proof of enough funds to survive in South Africa while residing on a South African Student Visa
  • Return ticket
  • Medical insurance and a declaration from the doctor
  • Valid passport
  • For minor applicants a letter of approval from the parents is necessary
  • Besides these other credentials such as birth certificate, photographs are also needed

South Africa Student Visa is initially granted for a period of one year and can be further extended, in order to complete the applicable course. Applicants, who meet the necessary requirements must fill the South Africa Student Visa application form and submit it at the embassy. South African Study Permit will be issued, following the completion of application process successfully.

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