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How to Travel to South Africa on South Africa Student Visa

South Africa student visa Willing to Study in South Africa?  If you are not a citizen of South Africa, then you need to obtain a South Africa Student Visa prior to the arrival to the country. Basically South Africa Student Visa is approved for the overseas nationals who desires to Study in South Africa.  However, applicants need to know the basic details such as South Africa student visa requirements prior to applying for a visa.

South Africa Student Visa:

South Africa Student Visa enables overseas nationals to study in South Africa in any of the primary or secondary or territory educational institutions. South Africa Student Visa for Indians allows nationals of India to move to South Africa temporarily for the purpose of education. Study opportunities in South Africa is abundance thus, it has become a dream to Study in South Africa for Indians.

South Africa student visa requirements:

If applicants are accepted by the South Africa educational institution or university they can submit South Africa student visa application at their nearest South African office abroad, only after fulfilling the following requirements.

  • Evidence that demonstrates enough funds to pay fee and to support themselves while staying in South Africa.
  • Must hold health and medical insurance coverage
  • A medical credential and a radiological report or skin TB test
  • If applicants are under 18 years of age then a written consent from both the parents and single parent with an evidence of sole custody must be produced.
  • Applicants must provide course details and letter of acceptance.
  • No crime records, a police authorization credential must be provided

South Africa student visa processing time:

Applicants after fulfilling the necessary requirements can fill and submit the South Africa student visa application form with all the required documents. The South Africa student visa will be processed within six weeks. The processing time for South Africa student visa is subjected to change mostly it depends on the applicants’ profile.

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