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How to Apply for Critical Skills Work Visa for South Africa

Although known as a newly industrialized country, the nation of South Africa is still a developing country which has a lot of scope for growth and development. Its growing economy is one of the reasons why many overseas workers are hired in South Africa. An individual, who is not a citizen of South Africa but wishes to work here, needs to hold a valid South Africa Critical Skills Work Visa.

Work Visa for South Africa

There are some professional skills and qualifications which are regarded as exceptional in South Africa. If you possess these special abilities, you can make your Immigration to South Africa possible if you apply for South Africa Critical Skills Visa. In a bid to obtain this visa, the applicant does not need to hold a position of employment at the time of application lodging. The person’s specific skills and qualifications must be ratified by a pertinent

The South Africa Work Visa is valid for a maximum period of three years, with an option for extension. If you hold a doctorate or expert in a particular field and have published articles, then this can help your application.

Critical Skills Work Visa Requirements

  • A written confirmation from a government department assessing the relevant skills and qualifications of the individual
  • Proof of certificate of registration as recognized by South African Qualifications Association or SAQA.
  • Evidence of evaluation of foreign degree by SAQA, followed by translation by sworn translator into one of the official South African languages
  • Proof of job within one year of obtaining the visa
  • Proof of post graduation experience in the form of reference letters and testimonials

Permanent Residence

South African Critical Skills Work Visa is a temporary residence permit that allows you to go to South Africa to working and stay in the country. It is possible to apply for a Permanent Residence on the basis of possessing a General Work Visa. If you hold a General Work Visa for a period of five years, then you can apply for Permanent Residence.

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