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Importance of Critical Skills Work Visa for Successful South Africa immigration

Pondering on to migrate to aboard and enhance your skills and potentials? Do not know where to relocate? Look no further, South Africa is best option to fulfill your dreams and come up in flying colors.

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South Africa is one of the sought after immigration for overseas skilled professionals willing to settle and work in overseas. This top-notch nation is widely known for its resplendent natural attractions, thriving economy, endless career and employment prospects, modern amenities and many others. Dare need of trained and skilled individuals in various positions has made its government to welcome thousands of individuals from across the globe. If you are among those willing to Migrate to South Africa for Working, Critical Skills Visa class is the best option for you.

South Africa Critical Skills Visa

With a strong intention to plug the available skill scarcities in various positions such as nursing, accounting, senior management, tech heads and engineering has made its labor department to put forth South Africa critical Skills Visa for overseas workers. This special visa class that is valid for duration of five years has restored the Exceptional skills and quota permit. If the selected occupation of an individual is present in the list, he or she can easily migrate to their dream land at a faster pace.

Basic Requirements to Apply for a Visa to Visit South Africa

Following are the requirements that a foreign national must meet to fulfil their dream of working in South Africa

  • A valid proof of confirmed credentials or skills and the appropriate post qualification experience of the prospective applicant from the professional body, board or any of appropriate government department of the nation
  • Valid authorization of evaluation of the overseas qualification by SAQA and translated by a sworn translator into one of the nation’s official languages
  • Must be able to produce an employment offer within a duration of 12 months after the Successful  Attainment of Critical Skills Work Visa Permit to South Africa
  • Appropriate proof of post qualification such as testimonials or reference letters

In general, this visa class lets a prospective applicant to search for a job in the stipulated period of 12 months prior to their visa expiration.

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