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Critical Skill Visa for South Africa

The rapid growth of industrialization and technology need so many skilled workers. Skill shortage is one of the major issues for several countries. To avoid the skill shortage many countries have introduced various immigration policies to hire the foreign individuals of different domains. Critical skill work visa has been introduced in June 2014. Critical Skill Visa for South AfricaThe critical skill visa permits the departments of South Africa home affairs to catch the attention of highly skilled foreign workers to work in South Africa for the financial growth of the nation. The critical skilled visa permits the applicants to obtain a job visa without the offer of employment. South Africa has lot more projects and industries but the lack of qualified human resource is the major problem for the nation so critical skilled work visa permits the people of skill shortage category to immigrate Australia for a job search or future concern. The visa permits the candidates to live in South Africa for one year to secure a job. If the candidate is in the list of badly necessary occupation list of South Africa then his possibility of getting a job is easier.  There is no need for the authorization from the labor recommendation department for obtaining this visa.  Less responsibility on South African employers is one more highlights of this system. The critical skilled work visa is a pathway for the candidate to getting the permanent residence in South Africa. The critical work visa has been approved for five years. After five years the candidate is eligible for getting the permanent residency in South Africa. There are some eligibility criteria for applying the South Africa critical skill work visa. Firstly the applicant must be a graduate for applying for this visa. a valid passport and the health certificate are two important documents to be submitted for the approval of this visa. The applicant should have sufficient fund to maintain him during his stay in South Africa. The birth certificate is also another important document for this concern.

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