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Big Business in South Africa is in a mood to bargain with the ruling African National Congress before getting committed to the National Development Plan unveiled by the Jacob Zuma government. They are looking forward to leads in President Zuma's State of the Union Address later in the night to come out with their own plans. Opulentus SAAs in any free economy, big business is wont to extract concessions from the governments so their profits are ever increasing. The governments too wish to play the populist role regardless of economics. Here, Business Union of South Africa (Busa) is looking with avid interest at SONA (State of the Nation Address) in regard to leads they may have to follow. "There are relatively low levels of investor and business confidence, but the Sona and the Budget speech may improve business mood," Busa policy adviser Raymond Parsons says. The Zuma Cabinet recently adopted the National Development Plan, which calls for far-reaching proposals for the country's development. The country is being bogged down by dreaded HIV, lack of standard education and export of precious raw materials. The Busa leader hinted at trade-offs and tough decisions down the line, but wanted to know how the private sector could be part of South Africa's development.

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